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Bridges was the first band of Paal and Mags and they recorded an album called 'Falkkelttog' (Firelight torch) all in English.

The songs are very similar with The Doors, the main influence of Bridges.


1.The oncoming of they

2.Somebody's going away

3.May the last dance by mine

4.Divided we fall


6.The stranger's town

7.Pavillion of the Luxuriant Trees

8.The oncoming of night

9.The cacant

10.Guest on Earth

11.Death of the century

12.The melancolic Chevaliers

13.Scared, Bewildered,Wild

14.Every mortal night


It was Paal that sang and unfortunaly, Falkkeltog sold few copies and it was sold just in Norway.

So, Paal and Mags decided to try some bigger and knew Morten in a concert, inveted him to go to England and this way was borning a-ha